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Removing air pollution, weather-related stains, tars, adhesives, paint residues, scratches, salts from: windows, plastics, vinyls, oil seals, painted surfaces, aluminium are some of the problems treated in motor bike cleaning. AUTOSMART provides a suitable product for every task and surface that requires cleaning, making it easier for you to finish the task very fast, in an economical and absolutely safe way for the user, the surface and also the environment.



A low hazard, sprayable acid wheel cleaner, ideal for cleaning and renovating all wheel types including plastics, painted and alloys.



A highly concentrated and economical neutral shampoo. Designed for easy rinsing, leaving a streak-free, gloss protection finish.


G 101

A great all-rounder. Use on those difficult to clean areas of the interior, such as headlinings, door panels and boot linings. Can be used as a deep cleaning fabric cleaner.



Heavy-duty degreaser to remove grease and oils from engines, chassis and transmissions. Plus 10 emulsifies in water for easy rinsing.



A fast acting solvent based tar and adhesive remover. Contains emulsifiers so is easy to rinse off.



It removes easily, fast and safely scratches, salts, weathered resin, fly and mosquito stain marks from painted car parts, windows, plastics and vinyls. Also, solidified tar residues, air pollutants and other hard to remove stains.

The removal kit includes:

Plasticine 200 gr (1 piece)

Application liquid (4 litres)

Application sprayer 500 ml (1 piece)

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